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Leucite Glass Ceramic for Dental Restoratives

For many years IPS Empress by Ivoclar-Vivadent, a leucite glass-ceramic dental restorative, was the market leader due to its excellent aesthetic properties. As a result of its low success rate in the posterior region and as a bridge, a stronger tougher glass ceramic IPS e.max has in recent years gain popularity. However, with its reduced aesthetics, there is a gap for a material with the aesthetics of Empress but the strength of e.max. 

Researchers at Queen Mary University London have developed a new leucite glass-ceramic that has been designed using Appen factors so that it has a matched thermal and refractive index within the leucite crystal phase. This leads to no micro cracking in the glassy matrix in the glass-ceramic composite and a translucent and aesthetic material. Therefore a high volume fraction of leucite crystals can crystalize in the glass with no reduction in flexural strength or aesthetics.

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