Queen Mary Innovation

Winners of Barts Health Innovations in Healthcare Awards 2016

21 December 2016

Queen Mary Innovation Ltd and Barts Health hosted the Innovation in Healthcare Awards. In this year’s competition we saw many exciting, inspiring and innovative ideas that could benefit patients and/or improve service to patients. The judges were highly complimentary of the standard and the range of entries showing the fantastic work being carried out at Barts Health.

The winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony held in Barts Pathology Museum on 29 November 2016, please see the full list below.

Innovation of the Year Award

 •Winner: Alison Thomson and Gavin Giovannoni- ‘Cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use test for patients with Multiple Sclerosis to use for self-monitoring’
• Runner up: Gareth Parkes-‘ Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) App to help patients manage their disease’
• 3rd place: Mevan Gooneratne and Mehnaz Khan-‘ Standardized test to measure the exercise capacity of patients booked for elective surgery’

‘Dragons’ Den’-Style Competition Award

•Winner: Agron Hoxha, Mangala Patel, Andy Bushby, David Gillam-‘Dental material with controlled release of fluoride to prevent dental caries
• Runner up: Mevan Gooneratne, Mehnaz Khan, Gayle McDonnell-‘ Educational online videos informing patients about the perioperative journey and the steps prior to surgery’
• 3rd place: Malcolm Finlay-‘ All – Optical Ultrasound, a novel imaging method for invasive ultrasound imaging’

Service Improvement Award

• Winner: Simon Donnelly, Hasan Tahir, Rebecca Adshead-‘Set-up of Early Inflammatory Back Pain Service Clinic
• Runner up: Andrea Leigh, Adolescent Steering Group Team (Lucy Wootton, David Kovar, Sherry Manning, Tara Shea, Anna Riddell, Ellie Lloyd, Ghislaine Stephenson, Michelle Johnson, Kirsty Webb-Wood, Tracy Oakden, Christine Reaveley, Jane Hawdon, Melissa Mathews), Barts Health Youth Empowerment Squad  (Theo, Lexie, Dena, Nabila, Adam, Mathew, Katie, Shamsa)-‘ Improved adolescent services and facilities across Barts Health in order to improve patient experience and outcomes in teenagers and young adults’
• 3rd place: The Cryoablation Team at Whipps Cross Hospital-‘ Establishment of high throughput atrial fibrillation ablation service at Whipps Cross Hospital

Collaboration Award-Barts Health and QMUL

• Winner: Divyen Shah and Ping Yip-‘ Panel of protein biomarkers that predict severity of brain injury in newborn babies’
• Runner up: Angray Kang, Sharmilee Gnanapavan, David Baker, Gavin Giovannoni, Tahshin Rahman, Farida Fortune-‘ Test to rapidly and sensitively detect human antibody response to biologic using a simple novel generic platform’
• 3rd place: Mohamed Thaha and Hasan Shaheed-‘ A robotic laparoscopic retractor for rectal surgery’