Queen Mary Innovation

Technology and engineering

Touch sensitive piano keyboard

Hardware and software that enables the precise placing of fingers on a keyboard. It can be used as either a tutoring aid or to produce unique pitch bending sounds. Patent protected, this technology has recently raised £46k for a first production run on Kickstarter.

Nano-metal: TiO2 visible-light photocatalyst

Nanostructured metal on titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalysts which use only visible light have been synthesised using a unique but simple procedure which show a 5-10 times improvement in performance compared to commercially available standards. The technology has applications in water purification and is patent protected.  

VAMP Plugins

The Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at QM is an internationally leading research group in the area of digital music research. They have created advanced musical audio analysis tools. Many people use the popular Sonic Visualiser tool with over 200,000 downloads, but the underlying tools are available as VAMP plugins which can be used as part of other programmes.

Novel Calcium Phosphate Cements

Calcium Phosphate Cements (CPC) are the mineral phase of tooth and bone. Bioactive Glasses dissolve in body fluids forming apatite, stimulating bone growth. Our technology essentially combines the advantageous in situ setting characteristics of CPCs with the bone stimulatory properties of bioactive glasses. Benefits include superior setting time (5 - 30mins), high compressive strength and rheological properties and excellent biocompatibility.


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